Courage is Grace Under Pressure – Persevere!

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I have an important reminder for all my fellow patient experience champions: keep going. You’re not alone.

Today starts the second day of the The Beryl Institute’s Annual Patient Experience Conference. We opened yesterday with a very moving keynote by Allison Missari, a survivor of a horrific accident that left her burned on over 50% of her body. Her message was beyond moving and reminded all of us of the importance of courage. Her courage was tested on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels and yet she stood before us, sharing her story, and touching the hearts of almost 1,000 patient experience champions attending the conference.

I was moved and inspired by Allison’s story, and grabbed a few very poignant quotes. She said, “Compassion heals the places medicine can’t touch.” What a beautiful reminder that each of us holds healing power in our very presence with a touch, a smile, and a kind word at just the right moment.

The second moving quote was, “Courage is grace under pressure.” It was clear how she needed to muster courage to survive her accident. But I want to remind my fellow champions that in your role, you too must muster courage every day. You need courage to keep striding toward the vision of a better world for patients and the people who serve them. You get tired. You get discouraged. You feel like a lone crusader. How do I know? I am one of you.

If you are at the conference with me, drink deeply to replenish your spirit. We all need support and encouragement to keep going and can gain strength and courage from one another. If you are not with us at this conference, read, listen, and reach out to fellow patient experience champions. You’re not alone. Our voices are being heard and our numbers are growing. Persevere. Patients all over the world need us to be courageous for them.

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