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As part of our culture assessments we ask leaders, “When it comes to service behaviors, does your staff know what to do, how to do it, and want to do it?” The answer to these questions provide the basis for an action plan designed to improve staff behaviors that ultimately improve the patient experience.

The “what to do” means ensuring that leaders have clarified expectations created and then communicated behavior-based service standards. The “how to do it” is the training on standards but also real-time coaching. Of course the “want” is attitudinal and a reflection of personal engagement.

Helping staff to be their best at service excellence requires not only training but real-time coaching to create a personalized, yet consistently positive patient experience. One approach that works very well is having coaches embedded into the units where they serve as internal experts who shadow peers and provide feedback. I have found that this technique helps expand the support beyond the department managers and at the same time builds a culture of ownership where peers step in to correct problems and give positive feedback and recognition.

Baird Group consultants help facilitate the development of internal coaching systems with a format for choosing, training, and supporting your internal coaches. Let us know if we can help you embed coaches at the unit level.

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