Who benefits from acts of kindness?

Posted by Kristin Baird on June 6th, 2017 • No Comments »

We talk a lot about the patient experience and how patients respond to acts of kindness and compassion from staff. But there is certainly another beneficiary in the equation – the person performing the act of kindness. Throughout my career in healthcare, I’ve witness countless individuals who thrive in their work, fueled by the joy they find in helping others.

People who consciously choose helping professions often seem “wired” to care. They simply enjoy helping others. Now there is pretty solid science behind the benefits of showing kindness to others. Studies have shown that when someone performs an act of kindness for another, the brain actually releases endorphins, a hormone responsible for “runners high.” Maybe we should start a movement – Kindness- the drug of choice!

Life is full of opportunities to show simple acts of kindness, especially in healthcare settings. It doesn’t matter if you work in direct patient care or behind the scenes, chances are there is something kind you can do today – right now-  for someone else. And best of all – kindness begets kindness. One small act will create a ripple.

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