What we Believe About the Patient Experience Matters

Posted by Kristin Baird on March 22nd, 2016 • No Comments »

There is so much work being done to improve the patient experience. A significant portion of the work is centered on specific tactics that are accepted as best practices. But what you believe about the patient experience and the employees who serve them is even more important than the logistics of directing and enforcing those best practices.

What you believe will shape who you hire and who you retain. It shapes how you work and what you model. It shapes how you will spend your time today and tomorrow. At the Baird Group, we focus, not just on tactics to achieve a score, but on the culture that propels the leaders and nurtures the human beings at the front line. Here is what we believe:

  • We believe that healthcare is the ultimate act of human service—one human being caring for another.
  • We believe that people choose to work in healthcare because they want to make a difference in the lives of other.
  • We believe that today’s healthcare workers have multiple competing priorities facing them throughout their workdays that can, and does, distract them from the essential human connections.
  • We believe that with the right tools and supportive culture, every team member can and does succeed in delivering a consistently positive patient experience.

These beliefs drive what I do every day and what my team does every day. It’s the “why” behind our mission, vision, and values. It’s what shapes our products and services.

Leaders, if you haven’t created a belief statement for yourself and your team, now is a good time to start. It could be transformational.

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