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In my line of work I have the pleasure of speaking with numerous patient experience champions. These are people with a passion for service excellence and strong commitment to improving the patient experience. One of their most common challenges patient experience leaders face is feeling like there is too much to do, not enough time and not enough resources to get it all done. They are absolutely right – if they are trying to do it all alone. This is the most common mistake of all. One single person cannot do everything that needs to be done in order to build an organization of service awareness and unwavering accountability.

The key is to lead, engage and influence others in making change. But we are not born with these skills. They have to be learned and developed.

Become a Change Agent

I was coaching a patient experience leader last year who was incredibly passionate about improving the patient experience but frustrated at the lack of progress. She worked harder than anyone, but nothing changed. At one point she was lamenting about nurse rounding and said, “They don’t report to me so I can’t make them do it.” The problem was, she was trying to implement best practices without laying the groundwork to engage others. When I talked to her about engaging a wider pool of support and influence she said, “But that is what they hired me for. To improve the patient experience.” Herein lies the problem. She didn’t understand the difference between leading and ordering.

With coaching she has become a much better influencer and leader. She now sees herself as more of a change agent and leader than a dictator and the needle is moving. But it didn’t happen by staying stuck in the “do-it-all” mode. She learned to engage key stakeholders and set clear goals with concrete action steps and accountability.

The PXP Advisor was design specifically to help people become more effective in leading the change necessary to improve the patient experience. Find out how your personal coach will help you lead with clarity and purpose.

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