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Last week, we announced a partnership with BerylHealth in Texas. Since that announcement, I’ve had many questions about the partnership. Each of us is retaining our individual identities but will be collaborating to serve healthcare organizations better.

As I have grown my consulting business over the past decade, I have sought out other like-minded organizations that I can trust, both as individuals and as service providers. The Baird Group’s quest to make healthcare better for patients and the people who serve them is closely aligned with BerylHealth. Over the years, I have come to respect BerylHealth for not only their marketing, call center services, and post-discharge calls, but as a company that strives for the highest level of employee engagement. I’m excited about our relationship because, as individual companies, we compliment each other’s services. When combined, we touch the patient experience across the entire continuum of care.

Improving HCAHPS is one of the driving forces behind our partnership. The Baird Group’s scope of services expands the full continuum of patient experience. We help our clients understand their current patient experience through culture assessment and mystery shopping. Once they have a clearer picture of the current culture, we guide them through the steps for a more positive, sustainable, patient-centered culture. That encompasses leadership development, process improvement, hiring practices, staff training, and employee engagement. While BerylHealth delivers the turnkey services to manage and direct customers’ first encounters with the healthcare organization by phone, Baird provides the strategies and tactics to manage the experience once the customer takes the next steps in the healthcare encounter. Keep in mind that the internal culture drives the patient experience. Our team works with leaders to build priorities, people, processes, purpose, and passion that will create and sustain a positive culture where the patient experience matters.

Our team does a significant number of culture assessments evaluating the patient experience across the continuum of care. There have been several occasions when we have been wowed by an initial phone encounter with an organization only to be gravely disappointed once we set foot on the campus. Why the disparity? In many cases, it was because BerylHealth was managing the great initial encounter, but, once the patient had the referral and arrived at the clinic or hospital, the experience wasn’t as friendly and customer focused. That’s where Baird Group comes in. We help the provider organizations understand what the experience is like for the consumer, and then we work with them to make improvements so it will be consistently positive from one person to the next and one day to the next. The Baird/Beryl combination is a powerful solution for managing the patient experience from the first encounter and throughout the continuum.

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