Attitude is Contagious – Diagnose it Quickly

Posted by Kristin Baird on January 26th, 2017 • No Comments »

Have you ever noticed how quickly an attitude can influence others? Many leaders talk about attitude but few deal with it effectively. Why? Because they fear it’s a soft metric that’s subjective and difficult to pinpoint.

The truth is, when leaders avoid dealing with poor attitudes, they are allowing it to spread. Just as we have a responsibility to prevent the spread of infection, we have a duty to stop negativity in its tracks.

To address poor attitudes, it’s important to identify the specific problematic behaviors so that you can point them out to the individual.

In our Coaching for Engagement and Improved Performance workshop, we teach the XYZ formula as a simple method for addressing problem behavior. It boils down to this: When you do X, it causes Y, I’d like you to do Z.

By simplifying the discussion, the leader can articulate the problem and the desired behavior. If you’ve been shying away from attitude discussions, try the XYZ formula. You may be surprised at how it can simplify a tough discussion.

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