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I get so much out of doing training for front line employees. Every time I do, I learn so much and am rejuvenated by their passion, their stories, and their commitment to great service. There are always dozens of people who are engaged, energized, and of the caliber I’d love to clone. Then there are the few who use training as their public forum for bashing and airing dirty laundry.

A few of the public airings include:
“So if the patient experience is so important, when will ‘they’ give us more staff?” (This was asked by a nurse whose hospital has enviable nurse/patient ratios.)
I’m like, “Duh! This is common sense.”  (Yes it is, except your scores indicate that very few, if any, are practicing these behaviors.)
“We don’t have time to be nice.” (I didn’t know that it took longer to work with a smile on your face or look at the patient while you speak to them.)
“What about the (name any other department or class)? If we are expected to do this, so should they. They’re never held to the same standard and get by with so much.”  (Stated by a staff member who sat scowling with arms crossed. Victim? Chip on her shoulder? – I’m just saying.)

When 99.9% of trainees leave with smiles on their faces and evaluations that tell me we’re inspiring, informational, and right on track, I can’t help but feel that the few negative nellies are among the fatally disengaged.  Attention matters! Take a closer look at what you’re tolerating.  I doubt that I’m the only one being treated to their negative behavior. Maybe it’s time to free up some futures.

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