3 Stars – Is Average Okay?

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The star rating for HCAHPS seems to be motivating more hospital leaders to take another look at their patient satisfaction scores. Public reporting is not new, but the April debut of the star rating is an at-a-glance summary that consumers understand and equates to hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

Like it or not, the star rating summarizes what the tables and charts were saying all along, but without the wiggle room for excuses. The consumer sees it and knows what to expect. A three star rating in the consumer’s mind means that your hospital is average. If it’s within miles of a 4 or 5 star organization, you are at risk. Why? Because consumers are on line comparing and reading reviews. Whether they’re buying a vacuum cleaner, making reservations, or seeking healthcare services, consumers are looking and comparing what their peers have to say.

How do consumers view the star ratings?

5 – I can expect great service that includes prompt attention, compassion, and information

4 – I can expect pretty good service with a decent amount of attention, compassion, and information

3 – I can expect average service and with it an average level of care. They’re just average.

2 – I shouldn’t expect much in the way of customer service. If that’s the case, can I trust the care?

1 – I can’t expect much so I’d better be prepared to demand what I need. I better keep a family member close at hand.

Social media has created a new world order. No amount of advertising in the world will outdo consumer opinion. You may have the latest and best technology in the hands of the most skilled providers, but the scores and comments from other consumers will speak the loudest. What are your patients and family members going to talk about today?

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