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10 Tips for Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

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Last month we talked about “on-the-spot” coaching and the importance of connecting with employees in real-time to give them feedback. This month I want to get more specific about how to give—and receive—effective feedback. Multiple studies have shown, and I’m sure your own personal experiences will attest to, the relationship between effective feedback and employee engagement. Receiving regular, pertinent and specific feedback from their direct supervisors and managers is a key driver of engagement. On the flip side, when that feedback is absent, it creates a great deal of distress for employees because they don’t know where they stand or how they’re doing. One of the greatest gifts that leaders can give to their direct reports is clear, consistent and honest feedback. Here’s how.... Continue Reading...

2 Tactics for Making Your Promise Visible

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Your organization’s mission statement is your promise to your customers. It tells them why your organization exists and what you promise to do every day in every encounter. Making it visible isn’t about putting it in large print on a wall; it is about bringing it to life through specific actions throughout your organization. Continue Reading...

3 Connections That Spread the Cure for UVT

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Us-Versus-Them (UVT) is a condition that can be found in almost any organization. Combating this phenomenon requires managers to be vigilant and engage in direct conversations when the need arises. Just as UVT is spread by employees sharing the negative condition, it can be combated through sharing some positive organizational connections. Spread the cure for UVT with the following tactics. Continue Reading...

All about Intercept Interviews

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Intercept interviews are just one way you can get to know your patients’ and visitors’ experiences with your organization in a timely manner. Intercept interviews are sometimes referred to as “mall intercepts” because many research projects are conducted in the mall where interviewers would have access to a lot of people. In healthcare, intercept interviews are a modified version of this research method and give you feedback from your patients and visitors in real time. How do you conduct them? Follow these guidelines.... Continue Reading...

Building Habits that Make a Difference

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We are what we repeatedly do. Forming habits that have staying power requires a commitment to repeatedly taking some action over time. Make a list of some habits that you have found helpful in your work and think about what has made these habits so helpful, and so repeatable. Then make a list of some habits that you would like to change or develop. How could you take action to make sure that you repeatedly perform these actions? Continue Reading...

PXPs - Staying the Course When Things Get Tough

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Over the past few years, there’s been a new role emerging in healthcare—the Patient Experience Professional, or PXP. It’s an important, but not an easy, role. Face it. There is a wide range of moving parts, and people in place at healthcare organizations. Continue Reading...

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