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3 Ways Medical Mystery Shopping Can Shed Light on the Patient Experience

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Baird Group has been a trailblazer in the field of medical mystery shopping for more than 15 years now and we’ve learned a lot along the way. So have our healthcare clients. Medical mystery shopping – also called secret shopping, or ethnographic research—involves Baird researchers taking on the role of a patient or family member as they interact with healthcare systems by phone or in person. During these interactions, mystery shoppers make note of everything they experience, along with their feelings. Documenting the emotions evoked by specific events, interactions, or the environment is an important element of the research. After all, it is the emotional response that drives consumer behaviors. The beauty of mystery shopping is that you can learn how every touchpoint is viewed by the patient. It is that narrative that explains the “why” behind the quantitative satisfaction surveys. Continue Reading...

Baffled about HCAHPS Scores?

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To help our hospital clients delve deeper into the patient experiences that impact HCAHPS scores, the Baird Group offers the Care Partner Observer (CPO) as a method to delve deeper into the patient experience. This method of mystery shopping offers the healthcare leaders direct and indirect observation with documentation of facts, as well as the patient’s and observer’s emotional responses to situations, settings, and encounters. The documentation provides results that can help improve HCAHPS scores. To help our hospital clients delve deeper into the patient experiences that impact HCAHS scores, the Baird Group offers the Care Partner Observer (CPO) as a method to delve deeper into the patient experience. Continue Reading...

Cafeteria Expanded into the old Morgue

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Several years ago, I was in the midst of a project that involved phone calls and on‐site work. I wanted to learn more about some of the great changes this organization was making and how it tied into their mission, vision, and values. I routinely visited their website to take a look at their highly advertised “New and Improved Hospital” page.

One picture on the page featured cooks in the kitchen with a caption “Cafeteria Expansion.” The caption went on to read: “The cafeteria expanded into the old morgue.”

Really? Bon Appétit!

Enlist the Gifts of a Care Partner Observer: Stymied by low HCAHPS scores?

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Healthcare professionals are, by and large, a very committed, patient-oriented bunch. This is especially true of healthcare leaders who have been committed to providing exceptional service and clinical care to patients since long before they were faced with HCAHPS! But, HCAHPS has driven us all to be more clearly focused on measurable outcomes and results—and to have the opportunity to compare our performance to others as the service delivery bar continually rises. Continue Reading...

Four Ways Mystery Shopping Fills in the Patient Satisfaction Details

A reliable assessment tactic used for years by banks, restaurants, and hotels, mystery shopping has exploded on the healthcare scene in recent years. Although many healthcare organizations measure patient satisfaction, that data doesn't always paint a clear picture of their strengths and shortcomings. While surveys do a great job of providing the broad strokes of the patient satisfaction picture, mystery shoppers can often fill in the fine details. Continue Reading...

Good Listens: Data Mining to Understand the Patient Experience

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If there is one thing I get excited about as a marketer, it is data. I still remember my marketing professor in college constantly saying, “show me the data.” If I learned anything from that course, it is to do lots, and lots, of quantitative, and qualitative research. Marcus Lemonis has made a name for himself as CEO of Camping World, and host of MSNBC’s The Profit. My most recently binge watched show, focuses on Lemonis going in and saving, or expanding, a small business. What fascinates me, is how he makes decisions, and the analytical process behind them. Needless to say, when I saw he was a guest on one of the podcasts I listen to, talking about data, I was interested. Continue Reading...

It's Not What You Expect, It's What You Inspect!

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The healthcare industry runs on policies, procedures, and evidence-based protocols gleaned from best practices. And, from a clinical standpoint, those policies, procedures, and protocols generally work pretty well. But, when it comes to non-clinical activities—and, particularly, customer service activities—things often go awry. Continue Reading...

Medical Mystery Shopping Myth Busters

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If you think you know all about medical mystery shopping, and that it’s not for you, you might be surprised. Mystery shopping reveals key information for improving and maintaining an optimal patient experience at your hospital or practice. It helps you determine if you are fulfilling your brand promise. Read on to learn how we dispel common myths about mystery shopping and show you how much your company can benefit from it…. Continue Reading...

Mystery Shopping in Healthcare Yields "Aha Moments"

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It’s no mystery that the patient experience drives the organization’s reputation. And yet, many hospitals and medical practices remain baffled about which experiences are driving their patient satisfaction scores. This quandary was the impetus for the Baird Group establishing our medical mystery shopping division. Our goal is to drill down into ... Continue Reading...

Real Patients – Real Names – Real Problems Resolved

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A recent request for mystery shopping services pointed out poignantly how Baird is different. A healthcare organization, concerned about its ability to adequately screen for Ebola, asked whether we could do a mystery shop to assess their response. Continue Reading...

Revenue Cycle and the Patient Experience

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Our medical mystery shopping work for hospitals and medical practices around the country has yielded some eye-opening insights, for both us and our clients. Foundationally, for any organization, it’s virtually impossible to understand the customer experience from the inside; they’re simply too close to the organization. Continue Reading...

She Said WHAT!?

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this is especially true with phone encounters. So, making a great first impression on the phone is essential to any business, particularly in healthcare when trust is so important. For this reason, the Baird Group is engaged by numerous healthcare organizations to complete thousands of mystery phone calls each month. Leaders of those settings are often surprised to hear some of the statements made by their own team members. Here are some of our favorites.... Continue Reading...

Six Hair-raising Statements that Make Customers Run to the Competition

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling that comes over you after saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Often referred to as sticking your foot in your mouth, the sensation is, unfortunately, part of the human experience. Filtering your statements before opening your mouth is a great cure for foot-in-mouth disease. Continue Reading...

Two Critical Steps toward Exceptional Patient Experiences

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Do you ever feel like your tactics for improving the patient experience are somehow missing the mark? Would you like to see more significant results? Chances are you answered “yes” to both of these questions. So, how do you do it? Fix the culture first. Culture drives employee action, which leads to patient satisfaction. The first step is determining whether your culture is conducive to a great patient experience. Continue Reading...

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