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Baird's popular monthly customer-service e-newsletter, The Patient Experience Post, provides timely feature articles, reading reviews, and tips for making your service efforts stronger than ever. Read below to see our most recent feature articles or feel free to print them for your own reference, but please include the required credit line!

3 Key Steps for Jump Starting the Patient Experience in 2018

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Setting patient experience improvement goals is easy. Achieving them, however takes perseverance. Healthcare delivery is complex and there is no shortage of competing priorities for your time, attention and other resources. Delivering a consistently exceptional patient experience requires the concerted effort of many people, working together seamlessly. That doesn’t happen without planning, engagement and continued vigilance. Continue Reading...

“Do You See What I See?” - blog by Tiffany Christensen

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As the holiday season draws to a close and I reflect on what was, what is, and what is to come, I realize how many things I have to be grateful for in my life. I have been blessed with a fun, loving, and supportive family. I have a fulfilling career and I get to work with great people who are committed to improving the patient experience. I have been given resources and opportunities to help support all of you in your journey to a culture of service. Continue Reading...

Reflections from the Field: “I Know It When I See It”

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Here at the Baird Group, one of our “drum beat” messages is that the culture of an organization ultimately defines the patient experience. We reinforce that message by coaching leaders to create a culture that supports their service vision. Sometimes, our coaching is focused on structural changes that the organization needs to make – things like creating standards and incorporating standards into recognition and evaluation practices. Making structural changes is relatively easy. Leaders can clearly define what they expect, those expectations can be codified in a policy or procedure, and the effective of the change can often be objectively measured. Continue Reading...

Using Recognition to Build Engagement

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Everybody appreciates a pat on the back. The problem is that sometimes supervisors, managers and other organizational leaders are simply too busy, and too distracted, by their myriad of day-to-day responsibilities that they miss those important opportunities to recognize the staff working diligently right beside them. Continue Reading...

Coaching for Engagement: 3 Keys to Success

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Employee engagement is top-of-mind in the healthcare industry these days with a confluence of factors impacting the industry—from consumerism, value-based care, mergers and acquisitions and the growth of telehealth, to an aging workforce that has already reached traditional retirement age. The outflux of baby boomers from healthcare organizations will continue to grow as the competition for a diminishing supply of competent employees and clinicians heats up. Continue Reading...

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