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Baird's popular monthly customer-service e-newsletter, The Patient Experience Post, provides timely feature articles, reading reviews, and tips for making your service efforts stronger than ever. Read below to see our most recent feature articles or feel free to print them for your own reference, but please include the required credit line!

Detecting, and Doing Something About, Culture Disconnects

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The patient experience is a critical, and common, area of focus for healthcare organizations these days. Healthcare providers want to provide high quality, safe care for patients. Healthcare organizations want to be able to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. And the patient experience is pivotal to both. Most, if not all, healthcare organizations espouse a focus on the patient experience. Many have invested time and other resources into improving the patient experience, including in some cases by creating a Patient Experience department or function, and appointing a Patient Experience champion to lead the effort. And most, if not all, healthcare organizations have values statements intended to ensure a patient-centric culture. Continue Reading...

Good Read: Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare – The Invisible Architecture of Core Values

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Joe Tye and Bob Dent have captured the essence of what it takes to build and sustain a culture of ownership. In their book, Building a Culture of Ownership, the authors use the term, “Invisible Architecture” to stress how core values, attitude and self-empowerment lay the framework for the culture. Continue Reading...

Reflections From the Field: Who is the King and Who is the Pawn?

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I recently had two “eye-opening” experiences as a customer - one as a patient, the other not - that generated eerily similar feelings and reinforced Baird Group teaching and consulting practices regarding the patient experience. Continue Reading...

Are Your $100 Bills Going to Sacred Cows?

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If it’s good enough for millionaires, it should be more than good enough for healthcare professionals! Whether you call it the “Power Hour,” the “Sacred 60,” or something else, as this Forbes piece points out, being steadfast in committing your time to a specific important endeavor can yield exceptional results. Continue Reading...

Understanding Cultural Differences…and Similarities

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If you believe, as we do at Baird Group, that it is vital that patients and families feel heard and are treated as partners in their care, then understanding and honoring the needs of different cultures is a key patient experience priority. Continue Reading...

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